Our Ontario based company provides hydroseeding, seedbed preparation, silt fence installation and erosion control across southern Ontario.
Hydroseeding involves the process of mixing water, seed, mulch and fertilizer in the correct proportions and hydraulically applying it in a suspended slurry to prepared soil. Organic and synthetic additives are available to assist in the stimulus of the seed growth cycle. In certain cases, soil testing may be required to ensure the growth of the desired seed varieties.
Hydroseeding is a fast and effective method of obtaining a thick and healthy lawn at the fraction of the cost of sod.

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We provide hydroseeding and hydraulic erosion control for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial and roadway applications. Some examples of typical projects include residential, large estate lawns, sports fields, golf courses, renaturalization and restoration of roadsides, slopes, storm water sites, quarries and utility trench lines. Contaminated soil can also be protected from erosion.

We also provide site preparation, site lawn/sod watering and dust suppression product sales and installation. We install silt fence, erosion control blankets and wattles.

Our clients demand excellence and so do we. We strive to provide superior service using top quality products.
We take every reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and surrounding civilians. We view education and awareness as the keys to a safe work environment.

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